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Physical & Technical Security Upgrades & related works article


                CAC                                PERIMETER WALL                       PLATE BARRIER


                 CAC                                   FE/BR WINDOW                 DELTA SLIDING GATE                


        LANDSCAPE                           WAITING AREA                        SOUTH CAC

Physical & Technical Security Upgrades & related works
Owner: The American Consulate General
Locatiion: Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Latest Completed Projects

Perimeter Security Upgrade Design-Build Service article
Design/Build- Renovation of Detachment415, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Replace new A/C units, MRB, AFRIMS
Design/Build- Upgrade MDB, Transformer, MRB, AFRIMS
Design/Build- GPOI Project, Thailand
Design/Build- Maritime Border 269
Design/Build- Refurbishment of ERC Facility
Design/Build- Replace Psychological Ops Auditorium
Design/Build- Thai Yamakura Corporation Factory (Phase 2) article
Design/Build- The Royal Thai Marine Police Sub-Division11 Base
Design/Build- The Royal Armed Forces Sub-Divisional Zone 5
Dara Academy Dormitory article
Repave/ Upgrade road in the compound article

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